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What are the benefits of Body Work?

An investment in regular manual body work will ensure that all body systems function at an optimal level and for those of us dedicated to our training sessions in the gym, regular body work will enhance performance, maximize gains, and reduce your risk for injury.


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Fascial Stretch Therapy® (FST)


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Meet Mike

Michael Wallace is a Georgia native, who has been practicing professional massage and body work for over 5 years. Michael has excelled in his profession and has traveled all over the country for continued education. Michael strives to provide the best and professional service with attention to detail to all his valued clients.

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Dustin Pekar

I’m a personal trainer, group fitness coach, and competitive body builder. With a combination like that a professional like Mike is necessary. Mikes knowledge and continuing education elevates him to the cream of crop. He can quickly asses root issues and use a technical approach that works best for the individual. I trust mike with my posture and performance as I will trust him with my personal clients health as well. Having the ability to listen to mikes feedback on clients postural deviations we can team up and help our clients reach their full potential. Thank you mike for all that you do for me, my clients, and our community. Your passion and work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed.

Alexandra - Anaboliclmt


I ran across Mike due to a mutual friend and started paying more and more attention to the athletes that he was treating in my sport. It is hard to find someone that truly understands the sport of bodybuilding and when you do find that person, it just makes things so much easier as you kind of speak the same language! I feel as if I was already sold on Mike’s work by just watching from the sidelines. If I’m being more blunt, by “sidelines” I mean not missing any of his social media posts. I could see the transformation in his clients whether it was is one session or over a span of multiple sessions. I knew that if I wanted to make sure my body was in peak condition to train for my sport, I needed his help. Like most, I waited until I strained something to schedule my first appointment, but after that session I could see and feel a dramatic difference. My back was more balanced and soon enough I was able to get back to running and lifting. I recommended him to many of my fellow competitors, friends and coworkers and I know he has changed their lives as well. On top of all these great things about Mike, he comes to you! You don’t have to figure out how to make time out of your already busy day to rush to an appointment, he will meet you wherever you’re at. You honestly can’t ask for better service in my opinion. Mike is truly quite talented in his craft and definitely doing what he is called to do. His passion for helping others goes unmatched; but to have all that and the level of professionalism that he does, truly makes him stand out above the rest.

Garett Manning

After coming off bicep tenodesis, two tears in labrum and partial tear in rotator cuff surgery, I had a lot upper body pain because of surgery, since mike has worked on me I’ve had major growth, hugely reduced pain in shoulder and hips and getting a lot more blood flow to muscles without inflammation. I have a been in the fitness industry for overs 15+ years and am very picky about who I let work on me. I Definitely trust Mike and he is a true professional. Highly recommended.



Most of us are acquainted with the benefits of massage – it helps us balance out our bodies, relieve muscle tension and soreness, improve mobility, break up scar tissue and constricting fascia, improve injuries, minimize pain and also aid in relaxation. I am a proponent of massage for my healthy recovery and my regime with Mike is a commitment I take seriously. I value Mike as a business associate and his services for the last 7 months have been essential to my overall effectiveness as an athlete. Mike is knowledgeable, stays current with on on-going improvements and a professional. I highly recommend him to my clients and gym members which is why he is now our in house massage therapist.


I started using Mike as soon as I moved to Austin, and all I can say is THANK GOD! Mike is hands down the best massage and FST professional I have ever used. I have always had very bad shoulders from 4 different surgeries, and he is always willing to help me focus on the areas that are bothering me that day. My range of motion in my shoulders and hips has always been pretty poor, and after working with Mike it has drastically improved. I will continue to use Mike to keep my body healthy and moving correct, thanks for being the best!!



Mike is not only extremely tactful with his skill set, but he’s also passionate about delivering body work that truly makes an immediate difference after each session. Being a side sleeper for years, I developed imbalances in muscle symmetry and in the range of motion of my shoulders. But after my very first session with Mike, he was able to assess the problem and within minutes, release the tension using a variety of techniques. My posture and performance have never been better! Plus, he brings his practice to YOU – I never even have to leave my apartment to get top notch body work done! This alone is a huge game changer for anyone with a busy lifestyle. If you are searching for a custom-tailored approach to optimizing the way you look and feel then you need to experience a body work session with Mike – I guarantee you’ll thank me later!


AnabolicLMT is proudly located inside Liberation Barbell in Austin, Texas